What is Machinery Street?

Machinery Street is a network of material handling and heavy equipment dealers based primarily in the United States and Canada. It is also a searchable online marketplace where customers can buy or rent vehicles from trusted, reputable businesses. Machinery Street is also an online showroom that dealers can attach to their websites to list and sell inventory -- with zero programming or IT costs. All listings in an individual dealer's showroom are included in the Machinery Street Marketplace.

For more information about Machinery Street, please visit our About Us page.

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How do I contact Machinery Street?

PO Box 54053
Pittsburgh, PA 15244
(412) 809-5420
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or, visit our Contact Us page.

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Who can buy or rent equipment on Machinery Street?

Machinery Street is open to anyone who is looking to purchase or rent construction, material handling, or other heavy equipment.

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Who can sell equipment on Machinery Street?

The Machinery Street Dealer Network is an exclusive collection of proven businesses who have established reputations for customer satisfaction and quality service. All new members are carefully reviewed and researched by our staff before they are permitted to sell equipment in our marketplace.

Click here to learn more about the Machinery Street Dealer Network.

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How much does it cost to use Machinery Street?

Machinery Street is free to use for customers and buyers.

Approved dealers can join as sellers with a 30-day free trial. After 30 days, membership costs start as low as $85 per month for new members:


Subscription Rates for Dealers:
Plan Rate / Month
Month-to-Month Plan $99.00
Six-Month Plan $90.00 - SAVE 10%
Annual Plan $85.00 - SAVE 15%

Machinery Street literally costs your business less than what you pay for cable each month.

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What does my dealership get when I join Machinery Street?

When your dealer membership is approved, you will receive:

  • A 30-day free trial.
  • An interactive online showroom and dashboard.
  • Free showroom integration into your own website.
  • Membership in the Machinery Street Marketplace.
  • A Machinery Street dealer listing.
  • A customizable Machinery Street profile.
  • Low monthly subscription rates with no contract.


Ready to join the neighborhood? Click here to start your free 30-day trial.

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Why should I join Machinery Street?

More customers than ever are searching for equipment on the Internet, and the sales process often begins with an online search -- you need to be where your customers are. Machinery Street gives you the power to get your inventory online and in front of customers in moments.


Our service provides qualified dealers with a branded interactive showroom that looks and feels like their own websites. You can then add, update, and remove media-rich vehicle listings using a simple dashboard interface. You can populate your showroom with your entire equipment fleet without investing a cent in additional programming or IT costs.


What's more, every listing in your showroom is automatically added to your listings in the Machinery Street Marketplace. There you can reach more customers than ever as part of the most trusted dealer network in the world.


All of Machinery Street's dealer services are provided for an extremely low monthly subscription rate. There are no contracts or minimum subscription lengths.


The innovative ease of our showroom, the extensive reach of our marketplace, and the zero-risk capital investment make Machinery Street the one network you can't afford not to join.


Find out for yourself what Machinery Street can do! Try it risk-free for 30 days!

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I am located outside of the United States and Canada. Can I use Machinery Street?

Yes. Buyers and dealers located outside of the United States and Canada can use Machinery Street.

All vehicle listings that include a retail value can be converted to local currencies by clicking on the full listing and selecting the currency conversion tool. A language translator is forthcoming.

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How are dealers vetted and approved?

All dealers that sign up for our service are carefully hand-reviewed by highly knowledgeable staff with decades of experience in the industry. We verify that each new member is a legitimate business with an established reputation for service and excellence.

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How do I find a dealer in my area?

Visit our Find a Dealer page and click on the "State / Province" option. Choose your state or province from the list to see dealers in your area.

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What does Machinery Street do with my information?

Machinery Street does not give away or sell your information to third parties.The contact information for member dealerships, however, will be displayed on your equipment listings, showroom, and dealer profile. We also send periodic emails with service announcements, updates, and other information to our members.

For more details, please review our complete Privacy Policy.

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My showroom subscription has expired. What will happen to my listings?

Your listings will be removed from your showroom and the Machinery Street Marketplace, and you will no longer be able to access them. Your dealer profile will also be removed from the Machinery Street website.

However, your listings will be saved on our servers. If you restart your subscription at a later date, all of your listings will be restored.

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